Caricature Information:

One thing I realized after my favorite dog in the world passed away is that it's really hard to get a great photo that captures everything about a beloved friend. Old age is hard on animals and the goofy, happy, face-licking companion might not show up as much as we'd like.

With that in mind, I am offering a new service: pet caricatures from your own low or high res photos, that can be printed at any size requested. You'll get a high res digital file with the option to print it from my professional quality lab, or to print at a consumer lab on your own.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Send me a few photos of your pet to work from as well as what background colors you'd like and what size (if you know) you're looking for in a print.  I will take a look and determine if I can create a caricature from your photos. Because of the unique process that I use, I can turn crappy low quality phone photos into digital caricatures that can be printed to almost any size.

Step 2: Pay $100 caricature creation fee (for single subject, each additional subject is $50) via paypal or check - I will send you an invoice if we're a go. Work on your caricature begins after payment is received.

Step 3: I will send you a low quality proof to sign off on to make sure the colors fit your needs (not to share!). I will also send you a size chart and pricing guide for you to figure out what size print you'd like (optional).

Step 4: (If print is requested): Pay invoice for print via paypal or check.

Step 5: Receive high quality digital file and print if ordered.