About Me

I approach photography through narratives with the belief that photos are where the impossible, the most fragile, the most fleeting, and the most everything can exist. I believe in photo-manipulation and pushing the limits of reality, even breaking reality if possible. I have a tendency towards the fantastical. I don't think of myself as a photographer. I think of myself as a storyteller.

Some quick facts about me / my life:

  • I have an MA in Literature.
  • I learned Photoshop 15 years before I pursued photography professionally.
  • I started in stock photography.
  • My stock photos have been licensed by Salon, Cesar Millan, Tampa Bay Reporter, The Active Times, PetPace, Animal Health Care, Stanford Pet food, Pet Care Rx, Red Lion Hotels, Zipcar France, and many more.
  • I currently reside in Florida.
  • I have the two absolute best dogs in the world.

For more info, please drop me a note here.